16 Jan

Lucas The Third

by Lucas The Third

Born in Athens in 1980, dj/producer Lucas The Third (Lucas Savvidis) grew up surrounded by his father’s vinyl collection, something that propelled him headfirst into his character defining relationship with music. 


Having been active in the DJ circuit for 20 years, he has also operated under a number of producing monikers (Sweet Sound of Devotion, Voodoo Idol), while his latest alias, has seen him collaborate with variety of acts and artists, including Giallo Disco figurehead Antoni Maiovvi and darkwave duo KVB.


Over the course of his career, Savvidis has slowly but surely refined his influences and his signature darkwave/no wave touch is prevalent both in his DJ sets, as well as in his numerous productions and remix credits. 


Currently also active as the composer and rhythm controller of Athens based, sonic trio The Rattler Proxy, Savvidis continues to evolve as a record selector and artist, while his early forays into rock n roll and punk as both a guitarist and vocalist, always appear with a dynamic flourish whenever he DJ’s or constructs another track.